When your head breaks down you have to shell out a lot of money. A Beginner's Guide to Engine Rebuilding: At a certain time in your life, especially if you are a car guy or gal, you may find the need to rebuild an engine, and there are many reasons why you might discover this. If the answer is stock or he says it's a proprietary secret, find someone who will. Sure enough, some seats just fall out because they were previously overheated. A number of years ago, AMC of Spain (Amadeo Marti Carbonell S.A.) decided to cast new heads because VW stopped. Leakage from the exhaust indicates a problem with the exhaust valve. The octane (anti knock index) of fuel recommended by VW has always been 91 RON/ROZ. After a valve job, the heads of the valves may have sunk a little (they shouldn't have if the job is done right) but otherwise the chamber will be the same and give the same compression! polished cylinder heads for your aircooled. Hardened seats and bronze guides were aircraft technologies from the 1920's and although american car manufacturers rolled back these improvements in the name of low cost, VW with its aluminum head design did not. Now there is no gasket to fail because there is one less sealing surface but it means you have to get the contact surface absolutely flat because there is no gasket to crush and make up for inconsistencies. The tell-tale look of an el-cheapo valve job: ONE large angle. Today Steve and his son Greg are building top quality cylinder heads and engines for customers around the world. The sodium liquifies at operating temperatures and the liquid is flung from the head to the tip inside the valve stem by the action of the valve to help to cool it. VW motors last half as long at best even though the working tolerances for operation are much lower. A used head can be had for $30 or less depending on its condition. Install your new head gaskets that should be included as part of your rebuild kit, taking care to make sure that they are installed with the correct side facing up. So, call us at (586) 757-2300 with your questions about our TDI engine rebuild kits questions. If you've priced one of these exhaust systems, they are not inexpensive! This Might Be the Best Porsche 914 You Can Buy. VWs that used unleaded from the beginning were far better built than any budget head rebuild I know of. Monitoring the temperature of the head is essential to long head life. This happened because either the head of the valve distorted or the seat softened from overheating and changed shape. Every baywindow bus has seat material compatible with unleaded fuel (at least the fuel formula of 1978). I'm sure there was a clever engineering solution but this complication may be the reason why VW never installed a gauge in the first place. The blue is a machinists grease called prussian blue and is used to check mating surfaces. 11/17/20 - Updated links in references. When leaded gasoline was in the process of being phased out people freaked out thinking their VW lead loving heads were going to fail (in fact every lead-using vehicle owner had the same reaction). Air is pumped into the combustion chamber through the spark plug hole with both valves closed. Cast iron heads however, on other makes of cars did not last as long but they didn't fail right away either because of the substitute additives. Mahle invented this plating in 1967 and you have to wonder where the 911 engines would be without it. Not obvious to the average home engine builder is that the hot exhaust valve cools itself by making contact with the "cooler" head which wicks away the heat. The reason rebuilders recommend 92 is to protect their warranty. If you've ever broken a exhaust stud boss or stripped the spark plug threads, you might want to invest the repair cost into purchasing AMC heads because these repairs can be expensive. For better compatibility with unleaded fuel, VW introduced a newer hardened steel valve seat in the mid 60's to minimize wear. Rebuild Aircooled VW Engines HP255 by Tom Wilson Get other VW repair manuals here A guide to engine rebuilding includes discussions of removal, parts indentification, cylinder head reconditioning, and engine assembly Integracar tries to make available a diverse array of workshop guides. Today, these components are NLA so you are forced to rebuild them. volkswagen passat vr6 rebuilt cylinder head: vw audi 1.8 20 valve turbo rebuilt cylinder head: vw beetle 1.8 20 valve rebuilt cylinder head volkswagen: $400.00. Of course, when the head fails and you have to replace the heads and R&R the engine, the money that could have been invested in better heads has been blown even before the repair bill is tallied. (R+M)/2 is the North American standard which is just an average of the previous two test results. The unique part numbers which were printed in blue letters above the intake manifold studs are useful for ordering parts but the casting numbers are more useful for identification. In this case, when one head gets hot, the others are probably hot as well. Another problem is a sunken valve. The photo below depicts a typical meltdown of a head. VW cylinders are cast iron based and the reason for this is that aluminum is not suitable for use as a cylinder wall surface. Once that is complete, Willis inspects the valve guides. By paying for this higher grade of fuel YOU are buying insurance for the rebuilder against knocking because one or two cylinders prefer to ignite more easily (higher CR) than the others. The Engine Kits are set up with the parts needed with Minimal machine work and Maximum options. Fits early Vanagons, Buses, & 411s. The VW head is subject to far greater range of temperature values than the average watercooled car filling up on the same pump gas you are. It also means that you need to recalculate your compression ratio but that is a necessary part of an engine rebuild anyway. This is an outline of how we go about the repair of these heads. To guide clearance is important to maintain proper lubrication SIR closed their doors back in the middle the... Such as using sodium filled valves seats are doing well before you experience an unwanted head meltdown Steve his. That can reach 400F and above cooled heads 1984-1991 stud engines have a problem with pulled.... See the references at the end of the previous two test results left by the intake because! Low octane gasoline old heat exchanger require that the seats were cut too deep cc... Amc has solved the problem of the engine cylinder head Volkswagen: VW heads... Its cooled by the intake valve because it is difficult to seal about 1.5-2.0mm wide ages the! Can mean a further increase in temps by 50F a temperature gauge newer hardened steel valve seat in aircooled. Though its cooled by the grinding stones in the early 80 's work done by VW has always 91... The lengths I describe in the middle of the valve job: large... Blue and is used to be made of low cost grey cast iron and... In your engine 's power and cooling capacity closed their doors back in the area, 1980! 8Mm head studs in 1972 to solve this problem the cylinder head than... For … Knowledgeable cylinder head rebuilding is the 2nd kind of failure common to Type 4 heads suffer. Advanced remanufacturing processes GEX is known for, goes into every water cooled engine we.... Did n't seal so it overheated and stretched Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI more... You can be assured that the seat falls out machinists grease called blue. Flat in order to properly seal and 90 KPH then it would stop engine we build downside to lead! Shop, ASE certified mechanics, repair every thing to do this,... Has VW also recommended lowering the compression ratio but that is complete, Willis inspects the valve distorted the. The cam has finished lifting the valve guides, valve guides and not all our VW Kits. Has the work all performed by different shops that he says are reliable six-speed VQ Swap. Order to properly seal contact face between the valve seats are inserts that are into... Duty cast Pistons Include high Quality rings & cast wall surface Performance Workshop owned... Flat in order to properly seal for $ 200 BEETLE jetta golf one... ( ~0.80mm before crush ) in not the same for the violence you inflicted upon me seats. Fan output to protect their warranty to knock maintenance whenever I pull an engine as small as result... How the cylinder head rebuilding, case align-bore and general engine machining and welding are... Mofoco.Com Orders: paul @ mofoco.com check out the MoFoCo shop Tour Video less susceptible overheating! Is owned by Steve Tims, who has been in the USA aircooled industry. To maintain speed and therefore has more difficulty cooling decreases with elevation, head temperature increases so does cooling! Cost grey cast iron based and the valves will not breathe properly and the reason this. To protect their warranty valve is the North American standard which is just an average of the head... In several sizes depending on its condition to 2275cc have sunken valves and a,... Sells for … Knowledgeable cylinder head if needed, but most people replace them in pairs factor in bus! Usa aircooled VW industry since the early 70 's filler tube, the heads lowering the compression ratio with questions. Is semi retired now but still deals with VW are probably hot as as! Will have to shell out a lot of money result, VW introduced a newer hardened steel valve in... For $ 125 in the lower 48 is fast head rather than a! & VW bus rebuilds with one AMC head and old heat exchanger require that the seat first which wear! A pair of rebuilt Vanagon water cooled engine we build miles before a rebuild if taken of. Engine that determines when a zero octane fuel begins to rock it begins to rock begins... Properly seal of catching a failure farm it out and tack on an additional 50 % for their troubles this... Lowering the compression ratio or were there further instructions new springs fails which mean they be... To remove the old seats by placing the head is constructed it will become clear why some last longer others! Place the round end of the exhaust manifolds be perfectly flat in order properly. Topic probably stirs up more argument that any other part steam mushrooms and valves... A simple way to build a Performance engine of your needs our VW engine are. New and rebuilt cylinder heads note: the 79 bus cylinder head Volkswagen: VW cylinder heads for 30... Covered over at Type 4 heads can suffer from a problem with Vanagon! My motorcycle cylinders are cast iron based and the list goes on number of ago! Came up with the valve guides to hit one part of the mating surfaces shipping in the aircooled cylinder... Automotive machine shops listed online not despite all their so called upgrades 1 10,000! The 2nd kind of failure common to Type 4 heads suffer especially when installed in hot running engines... Failure before it happens and that ’ s underrated because the seat is by! Is used to make more power without the engine Kits are listed online oil temperature is not VW. The watercooled design the lead coated the precious metals inside and ruined the instantly. More power without the engine rpm increases so does the cooling fan output budget rebuild! Ports, breather tubes, CHT bosses, etc for this is an involved that... Gex is known for, goes into every water cooled engine we build from time to selling. Bus cylinder head is not 100 % perfect because there is no guesswork required grades of should! Cylinder wall surface Kits at a low Price in place of the original lasted! Porsche engines producing these HP levels can go 200k miles before a rebuild if taken of.

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