It is perhaps more complex than it initially seems. Four basic types of auriculaare now grown. Come on, as if you haven’t spent that much for plants before! What a wonderful specimen, I guess I never new there were so many varieties. Someday when I get good at growing auricula I just might try this. Overseas nurseries who sell to the US It will rust over time (as pictured), giving a lovely aged appearance. It was made completely from upcycled pallet wood, you can read the story here Building the Auricula Theatre. Remember these conditions – Bright, Cold and Dry. Do not attempt to keep them frost-free. Perfect for summer garden parties or seasonal celebrations. In complete ignorance, I bought five different varieties, mostly doubles (Lincoln Chestnut is so gorgeous), but one fancy. Welcome to the 2020 site for Drointon Nurseries - The Auricula Specialists! All followed up by those known as the ‘Alpine auricula’ and the ‘Border auricula’, which are easier to grow perhaps, but often easier in pots than actually in ‘the border’, unless you live in Seattle or London. Few flowers are as amazing as the Auricula primroses. Suppliers of Antique, Vintage and architectural items for the garden and home. Photography: © Jonathan Buckley. Sheep Planter £40 - £70 . While some can be grown successfully in the open ground, they are most commonly displayed in pots, when their exquisite blooms can be appreciated at close quarters. There are green flowered forms as well. As cooler temperatures arrive in September, the plants will start to grow more, and by November, they start to look their best. Dog Friends Plant Pot £40 . We are a family-run Nursery growing only Primula Auricula and have a wide range of plants from the 1,000+ cultivars in our collection available for sale. Then, there are ‘Fancy Show’ types, which can be striped or  ‘edged’ types, many with velvety grey, white or true black colors in the flowers. Arrowhead Alpines Feels good to be home They often have mealy leaves and flowers in a wide range of colours. They will sulk in a sunny, humid greenhouse like mine, or if planted in the damp, humus-rich garden if sited improperly, although I have seen nice clumps of certain strains of border auricula in Massachusetts growing in a well-weeded, open garden. However, not everything sold as one behaves like one, so we always trial new cultivars outdoors to … Available as flowering-sized plants, plug plants or seed, they are suitable for both garden and cold greenhouse cultivation. I bought "Auriculas for Everyone" by the late Mary A. Robinson. Some time in February when the first signs of spring growth appear. The alpine house, or alpine greenhouse is just a specialized greenhouse where collectors raise high-elevation alpine plants. Some time in February when the first signs of spring growth appear. Follow these simple steps to plant perfect pots this summer. With this group of plants we are looking at the fascinating, should I say beautiful cultivars available for sale, with flowers that never cease to amaze. Under the  COMMENTS section of this post, you will see that. £15.99 #13. Looks like a simple auricula theatre to make using an old cupboard. In fact, I want another one like this, since really, all you need to do is to keep the plants cold and dry in the winter, and in early spring, allow them to thaw out carefully under the protection of glass or plastic. Welcome to the 2020 site for Drointon Nurseries - The Auricula Specialists! These houses often have vents on the sides running across the entire bench, and although they are practically nonexistent here in the States, they are more popular (and successful) in England, where they are more suited with cooler summer temperatures, more overcast days just above freezing in the winter, and where there are more alpine plant societies, and thus, a consumer base which is more educated and experienced in raising alpine plants. Planting an auricula in a pot Auriculas need alpine growing conditions, which means free-draining soil in a cool, airy spot, out of the midday sun. £15.99 #13. These will bloom in the following year. Our stunning plant theatres allow you to organize your blossoms into an attractive and impressive collection of alluring flowers and herbs. Back to Toby's 30 minute fix. The flowers have five yellow petals and a central white area,sometimes covered with meal (called 'paste' by … Click here to find out more information about our delivery rates and times. This means that those supplied may vary from the illustration. So why is it that a plant can divide opinions to such an extent? Sheep Planter £40 - £70 . In Winter, find a cold, dry place for your plants just above freezing, Great introduction to Auriculas. just enjoy the learning process, I encourage you to join the American Primrose Society, or buy any of the few books on the Auricula which exist. PhotographsOnMyWall. Rubberneck Bamboo Plant Stand - Adjustable to Fit 22-30 cm Pots Holder Flower Support for Indoor and Outdoor, Beige 4.6 out of 5 stars 105. Hi Anonymous from Seattle – Oh, how I envy you living in Seattle – and, ahem, you live in Seattle which was part of the whole point here, isn't it? ECD Germany 3 Tier Plant Stand Outdoor Indoor Flower Ladder Folding Display Shelf Planter Pots Organiser Garden Shelves Steps Shabby Chic Country - White - approx. Through trial and error I have found from a culture standpoint that Auriculas do best with letting them get slightly root bound. I also use the auricula stand for special table displays. NOTE: I just heard back from Lesley at Pop’s Plants in the UK, and it seems the cost of importing has risen – DEFRA now charges £64.24 for and inspection certificate, and small nurseries are only allowed three per year! Plants are supplied with reduced compost and depending on time of year may be bare-root or root-balled, without pots. There is no farina (white meal) on the flower so it can be grown outside without rain spoiling the flower. Auriculas are exquisite and endlessly fascinating - Grow some and see for yourself We have an Auricula theatre at the nursery and last year they were looking the best I have ever seen them. Auriculas are members of the Genus Primula which is a large family of plants comprising over 425 species and many thousands of hybrids. This Auricula Theatre Image Gallery contains the various pictures taken during the construction of the Auricula Theatre I made for our friends Mum’s birthday. Choose your mix, just know that it should drain well, yet hold some moisture once the water drips out of the pot. i.e if we cross a red border with another red border we are sure to get seeds that will produce red borders.Unlike double acaulis primulas the double auriculas also set seed. The leaves are often covered with a whitish meal which gives them the, better known, common name 'dusty millers'. So, if you love the ‘idea’ of an auricula theater ( an enclosed, tiered display unit often with curtains – just Google it), feel free to make one, but only use it for display. Buy Auricula Stand from Sarah Raven: Made exclusively for Sarah Raven this auricula stand can be use inside or out and makes a fantastic table centre. With all this information, I am tempted to try to grow them more seriously. We use cookies to personalise content, analyse website performance and for advertising purposes. Click & Collect. I grow a few in a trough (seeds from NARGS). Bunny Plant Pot £25 . $79.99 $ 79. Do not attempt to keep them frost-free. Auricula Plants. Mar 25, 2015 - Explore Gill P's board "Auricula Theatre" on Pinterest. 71,5 x 36,5 x 5,5 cm + Chalk Board 4.1 out of 5 stars 76 £3.75 postage. As the past editor for the American Primrose Society journal, and a 15 year member of the New England Primula Society, and the current President of the North American Rock Garden Society, I have been able to get lots of experience growing these choice plants, and although I have not had the greatest of luck, I have raised a few (many), killed a few (way to many) and I continue to get more to grow (kill), but I can admit that I know many (a handful) of people who do grow them well (Amy, Susan and Judith from the New England Chapter of APS) who have proved to me that if I really wanted to, I could succeed with these lovely plants.