I expect better of Eotech. by filling out and submitting this form, you hereby consent to vudu collecting your information. Astigmatism works weird on it, looks nice and crisp for a bit then blurs a little and doubles on me, most cheaper red dots are just a fuzzy odd blob, Aimpoint is a still crisp tiny star so easy to center up with it. I love it for its speed with its large 68 MOA circle and a precise 1 MOA center dot. EOTech maintains that it has fixed two other problems that have affected its sights' accuracy. This reticle is made useable at three aiming points depending upon the cartridge being used – .223 cal, .62 gr, and 2900 vel. EOTECH reticles feature a 68 MOA ring surrounding a 1 MOA center dot, allowing the shooter to quickly pick up and lock on a target. I use the smaller dot on the inside for more precision work. The "doughnut of death" is a real thing. Note that the above is 3x magnified using a Vortex 3x to show the reticle (Best 3x Magnifiers). I saw one fail at a 3-gun match recently (shocker, I know). The 2 little dots used for bullet drop are so close together, and with them being fuzzy I'm not sure they're going to be useable on a super tiny 500 yard target. Did a google search and a great article on Opticsplanet.com confirmed that the reticle will look fuzzy or blurry if you focus on it. It is obvious that it was designed to be this way and not just poorly executed. But once you look inside… You’ll see that holographic sights are MUCH more complicated. But they are not infallible. Military, Law Enforcement, Hunters, and Competition Shooters have been shooting better ever since. More like fuzzy. EOTech’s Reticle is Amazing The first thing to know about the reticle on the EOTech 512 is that it is laser sharp. Eotech holographic sights maximize peripheral vison, guaranteeing quicker target acquisition, faster follow shots, and increased situational awareness. The inner dot is crystal clear. It'll work, but definitely not worth the money. An EOTech 512 was the very first real steel optic I ever owned, way back in 2010 when I bought my first PTW. Springfield XD Forum. Like others have said the reticle image is fuzzy. That is how EOTech's are. Who sells the cheapest Eotech Xps Holographic Weapons Sight And Fuzzy Reticle On EOTech holographic red dot sights provide a large sight window and precise reticle for quick, accurate, 2-eyes-open shots. Ordered this Eotech and was happy with the sight and the experience with Optics Planet. When you zero the center dot at 50 yards…you get something that works for 200 yards and 7 yards. Nevertheless, I hope this reviews about it Draco Gun Jewerly And Why Is My Eotech Reticle Fuzzy will become useful. Why the fuzzy outer ring? Only negative aspect about the AA to me is the weight compared to watch batteries. It has four aim points that you can use. The reticle is super fuzzy and I hear thats from astigmatism but I dont believe that because none of my other sights do this for me. The Bushnell and the EOTech have a weird "hazy" or "fuzzy" looking outer ring on the retical. 5 EOTech 512.A65 Tactical HOLOgraphic AA Batteries Weapon Sight. The four issues listed in the EOTech class action lawsuit include “reticle dimming” from moisture incursion, “thermal drift,” parallax, and distortion of the reticle in cold weather. Is it normal for your eotech reticle to be kinda fuzzy when you turn it on? One difference comes from the light bouncing off a “holographic grate” rather than into a single dot. That is why until now, EOTech is still trusted by elites in the US. Just like the first one, you can easily distinguish this reticle without the help of magnification. Raise the weapon, keeping focus on target and when the dot covers the target, engage. Reply. Or what you may popularly call as the MOA Red Dot Sight. Working on similar principles but with slightly different mechanics, Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) like those manufactured by EOTech, also project an illuminated reticle. In most cases, this results in a fat, fuzzy dot and a tinted image. If you want a red dot sight, then an Aimpoint is the way to go. It’s official designation is the model number and then a dash zero (-0)…example is EXPS2-0. I really like the reticles on the Eotech vs a standard red dot. Reply. EOTech Reticle, 3x Zoom The perfect blend of quick acquisition and fine-tuned accuracy. Reticle is fuzzy, not sharp and crisp. A benefit the holographic sight over the traditional red dot is that even if you have an astigmatism, the reticle will be crystal clear and have super sharp edges. Brady. Q: The reticle is fuzzy/ has a 'halo' effect/ has more than one reticle: A:-The reticle is naturally pixilated and the outer circle will appear to be made up of many small dots. here at eotech, llc., we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal data to administer your account and/or to provide you the information, products, and services you have requested from us. This is something that does not come native on EOTech optics and is probably one of the few complaints they get. By contrast, Eotech reticles are holographically imprinted within a flat window made of laminated glass, resulting in a clear, tint-free image and a reticle pattern featuring an exceptionally precise central dot. Few things are better than the infamous EOTech 68 MOA ring reticle. Here it is at the range. 4.0 out of 5 stars 300BLK EOTech. Once I got use to the reticle it is an absolute dream to shoot. I was lucky enough to be introduced to EOTech by a couple of friends who’d run them for a few years; so I wasn’t freaked out by the fuzzy, shimmering reticle when I got my own. For the longest time I thought it was that a red dot had a red dot reticle…and a holographic sight had the signature big ring and small dot reticle. If you see a blurred dot that looks more like a star or a comma, or if you see multiple dots instead of one, you could have a defective optic or you may have a red dot astigmatism. To start with, this EOTech sight has an MOA reticle. eotech 512 fuzzy reticle, eotech 552 blurry, eotech 552 fuzzy, eotech blurry, eotech blurry reticle, eotech double reticle, eotech fuzzy, eotech fuzzy reticle, eotech reticle blurry, eotech reticle fades, eotech reticle fuzzy, eotech reticles, eotech sight is fuzzy, is the eotech 512 sight blurry. When you look through a red dot sight, do you see a crisp, clearly-defined reticle, or something completely different?. There are many options of EOtech red dot sights, so we created this guide to help you find the right sight for your needs. Read more. The center circle will still be distinguishable as one dot.-Lower the brightness level of the reticle. Ramon Arellano August 4, 2020 at 8:59 pm. I've tried to lower the brightness, and it is still blurry. Next one I will try the Eotech with a G33 magnifier. The way to use a reflex is to keep both eyes open and focus on a target 15-40yds away. Buy Eotech Exps 3 2 Flip To Side Magnifier And Eotech Exps3 Reticle Fuzzy Eotech Exps 3 2 Flip To Side Magnifier And Eotech Exps3 Reticle Fuzzy Reviews : If you EOTech Battery Types. “As a result, EOTech Sights do not possess the durability, reliability or accuracy represented by Defendants,” the EOTech class action lawsuit states. One issue was moisture incursion, also called reticle fade, Baily said, explaining that … Th… Helpful. Andre Lopez August 4, 2020 at 8:59 pm. I love this sight and it runs flawless. A red dot has an LED emitter which s… Hope to pick up another one at some point. There are 2 main styles of EOtech sights. Even if the sight window is partially covered by mud or snow or partly broken, you will not lose the fight since the HWS can still give you pinpoint accuracy, though reticle appears fuzzy. I was sorta right in that those are the big aesthetic differences. The reticle of the eotech has become "fuzzy", but I still like it. Ah…the famous EOTech reticle. First of all…what’s the difference technology-wisebetween red dots and holographic sights? The holographic technology created by EOTech allows to improve their accuracy and provides an overall sense of control over the shooting experience. There was also a nick on the top of the sight right out of the box. YouTube user Thomas Söderlund has apparently “hacked” an EOTech 512 to change his reticle style. 100 yards is a little bit in between center and 2nd dot. When I bought a second PTW, a second 512 was duly acquired. If you searching to test New Eotech Fuzzy Reticle And Zeroing Ar 15 With Eotech Sight price. 2 people found this helpful. This product is aimed at those who wish to enter close combat with speed and versatility. Eotech introduced the first generation holographic sight to the market in 1996. Here are they: 500 yards 200 yards 50 yards This reticle feature has a 68 MOA ring surrounding 1MOA red dot placed at the center. Why Your Red Dot Looks Blurry and What to Do About It. Shop for Eotech Reviews Best Holographic Sights In 2018 Gunbacker And Eotech Xps Fuzzy Reticle Ads Immediately . It is still capable of quick target acquisition with extreme stability and precision. Another reticle pattern that you can opt from EOTech is the two-dot model. Apparently Thomas used an ArduinoMonkey Pro Mini ATmega328 5V 16MHz for Arduino IDE with Pins and I2C OLED display to hack the EOTech to change the reticle. As long as the target is inside that big circle so are the impacts. A high quality sight made in the USA. I would not try to settle for a cheaper holographic sight, because there are not many true holographic sights out there. EOTech reticle blurry Is there a fix? Buying Why Is My Eotech Reticle Fuzzy When At A Angle And Rifle Shooting Bench Rest You can order Why Is My Eotech Reticle Fuzzy When At A Angle And Rifle Shoot I wish the Eotech would work for me, love that big window and the reticle. It came in the correct lockable box, correct EOTech markings/stickers, correct color (black), Holographic sight is fuzzy (it's supposed to be/fake LED wouldn't be), correct sight design, NV is correct (doesn't change to green like a fake) (also actually checked with PVS-14's), had correct internals (according to EOTech website/fake check list). Seriously, it is SO useful.. Middle Dot: 50 yards AND 200 yards for 5.56 Second Dot: 500 yards (or closer to 350 if you’re using a short barrel). Was blurry before, but never that bad. Comment Report abuse. EOTECH’s unique reticle patterns are a critical to delivering fast target acquisition and MOA accuracy at any range.