Adzuki Bean. Be warned these chillies are extremely hot, in-fact they are the official current record holder for the worlds hottest chilli! Exotic seeds for the home gardener. Blooms all summer long. The quondong is the native peach of Australia, common in bush areas across the continent. $3.99 Ashitaba - Angelica keiskei -Tomorrow Leaf. Australia’s biosecurity system helps protect us from exotic … Gourd seeds need warmth to germinate and may be sown year round in tropical climates. Welcome to Fair Dinkum Seeds. Herbalistics Pty Ltd is an online nursery and seed supplier located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Huge choice online. Free shipping on orders over $75. We provide a variety of organic heirloom seeds online supplied by reliable sellers around the world. Long, hebe-like sprays of fragrant creamy yellow flowers open on branches clad in large leathery leaves. To help protect Australia from the negative effects of exotic threats, you need to know how to identify an exotic weed and what to do if you find one. Site Navigation We wanted to sell unusual items that were unavailable elsewhere. Vigna angularis, 50 seeds. Order hard-to-find exotic tree seeds online or call (802) 363-1582 to place your order. Yes we do have some Carolina Reaper seeds for sale. Alpinia galanga - Thai Ginger - Galangal. 10 seeds per pack. Exotic Chilli seeds Australia for the home gardener. Exotic Chillies specialise in growing rare and exotic chillies. In cold frosty districts, sow gourd seeds indoors in spring and plant out after all danger of frost is over and soil temperatures have warmed up. Vegetable seeds online. $3.99 Antigonon leptopus - Coral Love Vine. We also post many articles relating to chilli growing and chilli eating the best way for you to keep up-to-date with exotic chillies is to follow us on Facebook. Start growing microgreens for health or as a profitable business. Check out all our heirloom non-GMO seeds in our store! The seeds germinate best between 25 to 30°C soil temperature, sow late spring in subtropical areas. Nepenthes Plants Online Nursery. Geoff and Andrea Mansell would like to welcome you to Exotica Plants, the world leaders in Nepenthes hybridisation, cultivar selection and breeding. Browse by Sort by. Bears small, black currant-like fruits that are edible, sweet and can be eaten raw or used in … Exotic plant pests are capable of damaging our natural environment, destroying our food production and agriculture industries, and some could change our way of life. Sow: Spring ... VIC 3156, AUSTRALIA. ... the seeds … Exotic and Tropical Plant Seeds. These seeds are genuine Carolina Reapers. Species and varieties of plant you just won't see in the local supermarkets. Among them are many medicinal plants, such as Sutherlandia, which is used to strengthen the immune system. Create your own vegetable garden and enjoy fresh, spray-free produce all year round. With an unmatched selection of both wholesale and retail items, World Seed Supply helps the world grow! The tree thrives in tropical and subtropical climates and is fast growing and much hardier than the breadfruit. rare vegetables seeds. seeds of South Africa - flora South Africa - Agathosma - Albuca - Anchusa South African flora is very unique in the world. We specialise in sourcing and growing rare, unusual and hard to propagate plants, both native and exotic. More growing information... SM215 approx. Coffee seeds & Dragon fruit seeds for sale. Buy exotic tree seeds from With an unmatched selection, World Seed Supply helps the world grow! 11 Exotic Edible Treats from South Australia. From many bamboo species there are no seeds available at all. We have been breeding Nepenthes for over 27 years now and are the only Nepenthes nursery with the experience to guarantee the progeny of our plants and we assure you that you will be happy with your purchases. - Organic, Non-hybrid,Open Pollinated, Heritage Seeds ALL SEED PACKETS AUD $3.95 each - Members Price $3.55 - Bulk seed prices as shown less 10% for Members The seeds are used for water purification. BY Jessanne Collins. Please Note: We're up to date with orders but still experiencing slow delivery due to delays with Australia Post. This is how Chiltern Seeds started! Sow: Spring and ... VIC 3156, AUSTRALIA. Huge selection of over 600 species of tree and shrub seeds. We also conduct plant propagation research and breeding of native and novel horticultural crops. We now stock a wide range of unusual, exotic and tropical seeds, many of which can be successfully grown in the British garden. Everything from native Australian bushtucker, rare fruit, Buy seeds of rare plants from all over the world. A bignay relative, native to northern Australia and parts of Asia. Biennial 200cm; Culinary and medicinal herb . Angelica archangelica, 30 seeds. $4.99 Alstroemeria ligtu - Peruvian Lily Mix. It is suitable for subtropical and tropical areas; unsuitable for temperate areas. Herb seeds online. $7.95 Alpinia katsumadai - Katsumadai Ginger. Exotic Plants. Heirloom, organic there are premium seeds of unusual chillies. Looks particularly stunning when planted against a wall. Australia is lucky to be free from many of the world’s most damaging plant pests. We sell a large and constantly changing variety of awesome heirloom seeds, plants, and a whole heap of other unusual stuff too! Seeking the best rare vegetables seeds with good quality and affordable prices from DHgate Australia site. Seeds rare, unusual and exotic from Whatcom Seed Company -- shop for seeds, easy ordering and super-fast delivery. Australia is fortunate to be free from many weeds that may harm Australia’s primary industries and environment. We are a whole sale and retail supplier of seeds, herbs, ethnobotanical, and cacti. Browse our range of sproutable pulses, seeds and grains. Bamboo seeds We carry the largest assortment of bamboo seeds. Business will resume as normal from Thursday the 7th of January. Helping you step by step of finding cheap plum seeds is what we aim for. If temperatures fall below 21C seeds may fail to sprout, so keep them warm at all times. Due to customs no WA, TAS or orders outside of Australia can be accepted. Bamboo seeds are very rare, due to the fact, that bamboo is rarely flowering and producing seeds. Seedmart Australia is a Brisbane business that offers you a range of hand selected heirloom, traditional, and open-pollinated seeds. 15 seeds Erica Vale Seeds is a second generation Australian owned and operated family business. $3.99 Arisaema triphyllum - Jack-in-the-Pulpit. Dried seeds can be fried or roasted and eaten as a snack. Established 2003. You can order seeds below using our online catalog which also contains extensive tips on how to grow most of the varieties offered. Superior quality since 1995. The seeds from the mature fruit are ground into a meal known as breadfruit flour which can be made into bread, pasta and snacks. Welcome to Exotic Earth Seeds - gardening and organic natural products of Earth ****CHRISTMAS SALE ON ALL 2 KILOGRAM ORDERS**** LOWEST PRICES IN USA! Each packet contains 10 seeds.. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Cape gooseberries are low in calories (53 kcal) and contains moderate levels of vitamin C, thiamine, niacin among numerous other nutrients. General information: Mina Ipomoea lobata. The plant is a biennial but will occasionally bloom the first year. Carolina Reaper seeds for sale. Exotic and native organic seeds. Many species of succulents only grow in South Africa and Namibia. Perennial vine up to 3m, grown as annual in temperate areas, can climb up wall or fence, plant in beds or does well in large pots, full … Exotic Seed brings the kind of pedigree and heritage to the table that speaks for itself. Heirloom, open pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds with no chemical treatments. The best annual and perennial plant seeds for flowering colour; herb, fruit, and vegetable seeds to fill your kitchen garden; bulbs in season for colour and scent. We have a variety of chilli pods and live chilli plants available for sale. Zone 4-9 No export to Australia Angelica. 162 Products Found Sort. Heirloom variety grown by Thomas Jefferson over 200 years ago! A wholesale and retail supplier of seeds, herbs, ethnobotanicals, and cacti. Christmas/New Year Holiday Notice Dear customer we wish to advise that we will be closed from Tuesday the 22nd December to Wednesday the 6th of January for our annual break. Please feel free to place orders during this time and we will begin dispatching as soon as we re-open. Native to north eastern Queensland in Australia, the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and also the eastern Maluku Islands where it is used mainly for environmental management and timber, when a mean annual height increase of 3 to 4 meters will be obtained if grown near the equator. Heirloom, open pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds with no chemical treatments. All of our seeds are hand packed and our network of local growers and Australian seed houses enables us to offer the freshest and highest quality product to our customers. Byblis Lamellata Seeds (Rainbow Plant Seeds) Starting at: USD5.80 Glittering and often delicate, Byblis, the Rainbow Plants, can sometime appear as frosted sprays of water, and in sunlight can sparkle with multicolored hues. Worldwide delivery. Also self-seeds year after year. The germination of bamboo seeds is quite easy and explained in detail in our sowing instructions. Climbing vine; Great both fresh and dried . 6000+ species of palms, cycads, bananas, tropical trees and more. Unique and Innovative Cannabis Seed Producers. Also, because of the fruit's decorative appearance, it is popular in restaurants as an exotic garnish for desserts. It will grow in sun to partial shade but needs a well-drained soil. $10.95 ... Smart Seeds Emporium. 544 Products Found Sort.