8,130 Zeni Leave the rest to me! I saw a fan manga about this and Gogeta won because he could access UI,being that his personality was more strategic then Vegito's. Yes, as SSJ4 Gogeta is WAY more powerful than SSB Vegito… case in point Goku (& Vegeta for that matter), at the end of the Frieza/Namek arc, Goku w/out SSJ1 is 3.000.000 units. 0 0. Both Vegito and Gogeta have taken on a plethora of villains, but Gogeta has been able to defeat most of his. 465. Forum Posts. so those are the only projects here if you want you can make diffrent fusion projects OK srry these are the rules Help Gogeta reach the top! Vegito ist … https://comicbook.com/anime/news/dragon-ball-anime-gogeta-vs-vegito-watch Forum Posts. Gogeta had told him in order to stay with him, Vegito has to defeat his 7 powerful Exs in order to be together. Base Gogeta (DBS) vs. Vegito Blue (DBS) Considering how insane and ludicrous the scaling and power creep between each arc is in DBS, I thought this would be an interesting match. The difference between Vegito and Gogeta is the method of fusion adopted by them to become a being with incredible power. 0. Vegito And Gogeta Make Gogito, a Studio on Scratch. Aug 23, 2020 - Explore Stacey Green's board "Vegito vs Gogeta", followed by 444 people on Pinterest. Movie. Vegito vs Gogeta. This is a studio based on dragonball Z and this is a studio about vegito and gogeta you need to make those projects for example im gonna make vegito vs gogeta thats a check! Nov 19, 2015 - Explore Firefist Ace's board "Gogeta vs vegito" on Pinterest. Relevance. Basic Reward Edit. (edited by MonzyMonz) 0. User Lists: 0 #1 bob74h. VS. Who wins? Okay, so this isn’t exactly a reason why Gogeta is stronger than Vegito, but it should be. @oge321: Akira stated gogeta>vegito, he knows more about dbz than you. Gogeta: two highly powerful SaiyansGoku and Vegeta when they perform the Fusion Dance properly. 465. There's no time limit on Gogeta, and Vegito's fusion fight takes place in the realm of void. 0. Follow 1667. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Vegito is cool in his own right and we don’t deny his fancy earrings, but come on, take a look at the truly supreme being: That sick jacket (which only appears on those who successfully pulled off the fusion dance, by the way) that extra spiky hair, and that stoic look. Will Vegito be able defeat Gogeta's Exs or their little relationship will come to a waste! Post Sep 06, 2004 #1 2004-09-06T03:51. However, I’m unable to judge their performance when dupes and equipment come into play since I only have them at 55%. Gogeta is seeking to strengthen his power, and Whis has the perfect training partner! SSJ4 Gogeta (Dragon Ball GT) vs SSB Vegito (Dragon Ball Super) bob74h. Answer Save. Follow 13282. SSJ = 50x base power SSJ2 = 100x base power SSJ3 = 400x base power SSJ = 1200x base power (we've seen varrying numbers) SSJG = 8000x base power So based off this scale, Goku's base power is 3mil. QueenSaiyajin. QueenSaiyajin. kyle. The reason Vegito takes on more of Vegeta's looks is that personality is a result of the method of fusion. See more ideas about Gogeta vs vegito, Gogeta and vegito, Dragon ball z. vegito and gogeta can move and fight at ftl speeds based on powerscaling. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito literally rag-dolls Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta into the next realm over. Vegito accepted the challenge and do anything to be with the boy of his dreams! Vegito vs Gogeta. Gogeta VS Vegito. 10 days ago. Currently is over 400 times stronger than goku's red god form vs beerus. The team dies from the shockwave of the fight. Vegito and Gogeta yawn and decide to fight instead to see who is the better fusion. 2 Answers. All team HP depleted Time expires HP of all allies in area depleted Plot Edit. I know it was confirmed that they were equal, but they have different attacks and strategies, so who would win? Don't bring … VIEW OLDER REPLIES. Sitting staring at the two collectible action figures side by side, I was wondering what you all thought of these two Vegeta and Goku fusions. Oct 7, 2020 - Explore Stacey Green's board "Vegito Gogeta and Gotenks", followed by 499 people on Pinterest. Gogeta would probably win. Vegito was beating Gohan Buu around without much effort, but this Gogeta defeated Janemba, who was screwing up the other world and eliminated the barrier between the living and dead, pretty easily. Yet, these two characters have many differences, and let us discuss some of them here. Eredin12. While he screwed things up when taking on Omega Shenron, he was able to kill Janemba with the power of his Soul Breaker technique. Which is a better character? Vegito's style and choice of color in dressing are also more like Vegeta's. I Saw You. See more ideas about Gogeta and vegito, Dragon ball, Dragon ball art. Gogeta is the result of fusion between Vegeta and Goku through fusion dance. gogeta, funny, harem. Vegito Blue was decently superior to Fusion Zamasu, who alone would trash SSJ4 Gogeta. ye but vegito couldnt last 1 hour unlees they go ssj or ssj2 anything above that would last shorter. 11. Read More: Dragon Ball: 10 Best (And 5 Worst) Transformations, Ranked VOICE. Ssgss vegito vs ssj4 gogeta eliah1102. * Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave. Vegito; Gogeta; VS. Broly; Beerus; Jiren; Moro; Vegito can use Kaioken like he did in heroes. Vegito VS Gogeta. Gogeta ist SaiyansGoku fusioniert mit Vegeta _____ Vegito is the immensely powerful result of the Fusion between Goku and Vegeta by the use of the Potara Earrings. So here's my questions directed to those who have played both Gogeta and Vegito … I know that Vegito wasn’t able to win, especially due to the time limit. Vegito vs. Gogeta Vegito vs. Gogeta. 28 mins ago. Gogeta is better offensively, Vegito is better defensively. 0. Gogeta SSJ3 VS Vegito SSJ3 To start their attack and abilities Gogeta * Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki. Followers. Defeat SSGSS Gogeta and SSGSS Vegito Lose Conditions Edit. 9.4K likes. If that wasn't enough, Gogeta was able to overpower Broly by powering up to Super Saiyan Blue. Let's use this funny little thing called "facts" and "math" to solve this. See more ideas about Dragon ball, Dragon ball z, Gogeta and vegito. So Gogeta has been out for a few months now and, while I think he's a balanced character to fight against, I don't play either character.