Some things can’t really be improved upon. Ruger Security-9 Pistol 9mm Plum Slide 15 RD MPN: 3810-PLM-SL. Ruger American Pistol Compact 9mm Para ohne Sicherung, mit 10-Schuss-Magazin. 8 0 4. Of course, then we have the fact that handguns can hold more 9mm rounds compared to .40 S&W or .45 ACP rounds – and that never hurts to have more ammo in your gun in a gunfight. My pinky finger did not hang below the 12-round magazine when I gripped it. Notify Me. RUGER AMERICAN COMPACT 9MM 17RD BLACK. Out at the range, shooting the Ruger SR9c 9mm compact pistol. Take, for instance, Jeremy’s review of the full-size Ruger Security-9 9mm pistol we published last January. There are of course other variants without the tritium night sights that catalog for a lot less money. This pistol is a joy to shoot. Price: $239.00. With its modern, almost rakish appearance, … Compare prices (2 found) Prices accurate at time of writing. The Ruger LC9 (Lightweight Compact 9mm) is a semi-automatic, double-action only pistol that lives up to its name. naa mini revolver for sale. Price: $469.00. It did seem a little front heavy, but the grip felt so nice I was able to handle it. Out of Stock. Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 View Details 450 at Brownells. When the new compact version of the Ruger 9mm American Pistol was announced, I knew I wanted to review the gun. Preis pro Verpackungseinheit geringer Bestand (evtl. erfolgt Teil- oder Nachlieferung) Bitte beachten: Verkauf und Versand aller RUGER und CHRISTENSEN ARMS Waffen nur innerhalb Deutschlands. The Ruger American Pistol is a polymer-framed, semi-automatic pistol introduced by Ruger in December 2015. Out of Stock. Out of Stock. Ruger’s now making a compact size model and from re-reading his take, I can confidently echo virtually everything he had to say about the bigger handgun. Lieferzeit ggf. This is a 15 round 9mm Ruger factory replacement magazine with sleeve extension for the security 9 compact gun. century arms ak 74 for sale. 2020 NW Aloclek Dr #109. The American Pistol line promised a range of innovations, and I wanted to see if Ruger had delivered something unique, or merely an “also ran†in the era of the polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol. No finger dangle. Geben Sie hierzu bitte Ihre E-Mail Adresse ein und klicken Sie dann auf "Abschicken". Ruger Security-9 Compact 9mm 3.42" 10 Rd - $329.99 (free store pickup) The Ruger® Security-9® Compact Semi-Auto Pistol conceals easily and carries well. It is easily concealable and weighing in at only 1.1 pound; it makes for a quick-draw sidearm. Im ROHOF Online-Shop finden Sie eine große Auswahl an Ruger Pistolen wie die Ruger Mark 4 Hunter und Target, Ruger SR 22, Ruger 22/45 und viele weitere Pistolen. Ruger Security-9 Compact Pistol 9mm 10 RD MPN: 3818. Ruger SR9c 9mm 450. at Brownells. The weight and hand-filling grip frame of a compact pistol will reduce the felt recoil. E-Mail: Abschicken ausblenden. Not too long ago, I tested the Ruger American Compact 9mm pistol, their hot-selling LEO model. Followed by some range time. UPC: 736676038183; MPN: 3818; Bass Pro Shops Compare prices for this product 1915 . Compare the dimensions and specs of Ruger Security-9 and Ruger Security-9 Compact You might remember Ruger’s Security-Six, which was introduced back in 1971. The “LEO” stands for Law Enforcement Only – model. Ruger American Compact Pistol RAPC 9mm Range Test To determine how well the gun cycled and handled different loads, I used high-quality Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown JHP ammo in 115 , … Orders shipped within 24 hours except week-ends and holidays. Most Wallet Friendly . The Ruger American Compact 9mm LEO retails for $713 and worth every penny of it. The Ruger Security 9 Compact 9mm (model # 3818) is a shootable, dependable gun with a low price tag. The pistol uses a pre-tensioned striker firing system, and is chambered in 9mm Luger and .45 ACP. Ruger’s Security-9 is compact for easy concealment. The SRC9c from Ruger is a pretty nice little compact CCW. FREE shipping on orders over $75! Compare the dimensions and specs of Ruger Security-9 Compact and Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact Ruger Security-9 15 RD 9mm Pistol MPN: 3810. Good ergonomics but a terrible trigger... save your money and get a M&P Shield! But I do recommend getting this model with night sights, if you can afford it. springfield trp operator full rail for sale. Ruger Security-9 Compact 9mm Pistol Review. What About the Ruger American Compact’s Specifications? The pistol uses a Browning-type locked-breech short recoil action, with a barrel cam system that is designed to reduce felt recoil. There are a lot of really great features that come with this small frame. How does the new Ruger Security-9 Compact 9mm pistol compare to the full-size Security-9? mech tech glock for sale . % (€) 733,04 €* nicht über Warenkorb bestellbar. Sie können sich benachrichtigen lassen, sobald er wieder verfügbar ist. The Ruger American Pistol Compact in 9mm has nice ergonomics. Ruger has armed Americans for decades, even when good quality handguns have been hard to come by. He pretty much nailed it. Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht lieferbar. I’ll be reporting on the new American Compact .45 ACP in the near future, with the battleship gray frame and slide. Ruger American Pistol Compact 9mm Para mit Sicherung und 10-Schuss-Magazin Artikel-Nr. It also will improve control of the gun, allowing more accurate follow-up shots more quickly. Retail: $579.00. taurus pt 101 for sale. Ruger American Pistol Compact 9mm 3.55" Barrel 10 Rd Manual Safety - $299.99 Details RUGER® AMERICAN® COMPACT 9MM Action: Semi-Automatic • Finish: Black Nitride • Barrel: 3.55" 1:10" Twist • Sights: Novak® LoMount Carry 3-Dot • Magazine(s): Two 10-Round • Grips: Ergonomic Wrap Around Grip Module (3 . Price: $379.00. The Ruger Security-9 Compact 9MM Pistol is made with an alloy steel barrel and slide for durability and features a glass-filled nylon grip frame with texturing that offers secure handling. anfragen. Price: $379.00 . Nur innerhalb Deutschlands. You Save: $110.00 (19.0%) Availability: Unavailable. The Security-9 Compact operates with the same Secure Action used in the LCP II®, which provides a smooth trigger pull with an internal hammer; the. Compare the dimensions and specs of Ruger Security-9 and Ruger American Duty 9mm Ruger SR9c 9mm. Its precision machined, hard coated aluminum chassis features full-length guide rails, a through-hardened alloy steel slide and barrel, and high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame. Ruger EC9S 7 RD 9mm Pistol MPN: 3283. Compare the dimensions and specs of Sig Sauer P365 and Ruger Security-9 Compact Notify Me. So, I included compact, mid-size pistols with barrels between 3.50 and 4.25 inches in length and longer sight radiuses. henry big boy 357 for sale. Ruger American 9mm Compact 3.55 17+1 8635 $ 312.00 $ 202.80. Barrel cam distributes recoil forces over a longer period of time to reduce felt recoil. This video is about Ruger 9mm LCP. This compact, striker-fired pistol features a one-piece, glass-reinforced nylon frame and comes with three different wraparound grip panels for ergonomics. Made in the same factory and to the same specifications as the magazines that were originally shipped with the gun using the same materials and manufacturing processes. Ruger American Rifle .223 Standard & Compact – New Gun Review – SHOT Show 2014 Preview Bolt action rifles may not be a subject that keeps you up all night chatting on Facebook, but for gun fanatics, the bolt action rifle is a core product of our sport and our passion. : RU8637 752,00 €* Details. (503) 352-9951. . used sig p938 for sale. Description; Eligibility Information; Pre-tensioned striker system features a powerful striker spring for positive ignition without a heavier trigger pull. : RU8633. Designed to be compact and easily concealable, this pistol delivers a fixed front sight and a drift adjustable rear sight. By J. Scott Rupp. Price: $295.00. Compare the dimensions and specs of Taurus G2c and Ruger Security-9 Compact Col Ben uses his ten criteria to examine and field test the compact to help you decide if it is right for you. Is it a worthy concealed carry pistol? Ruger SR9C Compact 9mm, Titanium Blue, 17+... From $449.99 in 1 store COMPARE (0) Ruger SR9 Pistol, 9mm, Black, 4.1″ B... From $569.00 in 1 store 1 2; Next; Popular Pages. RUG 8635. Gun Review: Ruger Security-9 Compact 9mm Bob Campbell - 07/13/2019 Sturm, Ruger & Co. have earned a well-deserved reputation for workmanlike, reliable firearms. Out of Stock. Ruger Security-9 Compact 9mm 10+1 $ 269.00 $ 174.85. Artikel-Nr. 7 0 0. Notify Me. Little Big Gun . A Review of Ruger's new LC9, the big brother to the LCP. The Compact is offered in 9mm with or without a manual thumb safety. The Ruger Security-9 is perfect for homeowners, sport shooters and concealed carriers. Notify Me. The Ruger American is a 9mm semi-auto pistol first introduced in 2015. Like some of the other manufacturers, you can use the accessories and magazines from the full-size variant of the same gun. Prices accurate at time of writing. It felt good in my hands and was comfortable. The concept was to build a revolver at a middle price point to compete with Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers.