Our named cultivars are particularly selected for size and sweet flavor when fully ripe. This Ukrainian variety was selected for fruit production by Kiev Botanic Garden. Aromatic with a flavor reminiscent of pie cherries, it is very good eaten fresh and also makes tasty preserves. Goumi bushes have very high nutritional value. This variety is a light producer. The flavor is strengthened by adding lemon zest and juice when making jam, jelly, sauce or pie. Fruit – raw or cooked. The wood of the plant is a rich red brown, and the flowers are dainty and white. Mix with other fruit -- apples, berries or quince -- in pies, tarts and jam. The fruits are clustered and dense with a deep red color. The juice is nearly clear and the light muscat flavor is sweet. The vigorous dwarf potato leaf plants produce a heavy yield of medium to medium large sized (6-16 ounces) oblate, smooth red fruit, possessing a superb, intense, complex flavor – one of the very best flavored of … A very ornamental deciduous shrub growing to 6′ that is also a nitrogen fixer, useful in lean soils or for companion planting in permaculture gardens. Not only is Sweet Scarletts grapefruit sweet, but half a grapefruit is only 60 calories and USDA Zone: 6-9 Grow Height: 7' Ripening Time: August Sun: Full Sun Pollination: Self-Fertile, but higher production with 2 varieties Click here to read our Goumi Growing Guide The Texas climate- warm, sunny days with cool nights- yields the sweetest premium red grapefruits around. Fragrant creamy white flowers bloom in April and are followed in late June by tasty, sweet, large, red berries. The juicy, scarlet-red fruit is speckled with silver and ripens in July. Goumi bushes produce tasty red berries on a bushy shrub that can be useful for hedgerows. Sweet Scarletts Texas Red Grapefruits are so sweet, you won't even need to add sugar! 'Sweet Scarlet' Goumi is native to the Russian Far East, China and Japan. Fruits can be eaten fresh with other fruit or green salads, and juiced or made into jellies and jams. Sweet Scarlet Goumi is an attractive small shrub with olive shaped leaves and silvery under tones. Sweet Scarlet grapes grow in large clusters and when properly stored will maintain their texture and unique flavor. Goumi berry bushes have a unique feature that allows them to grow in poor soils. The texture of Sweet Scarlet grapes is remarkably crisp, juicy and tender. The dark green foliage is silver underneath. Delicious fresh, dried or made into preserves. Unique sweet-tart flavor hints of cherries, apples and black currants. Goumi is a very popular fruit in these regions. Details for Fruits and Nuts Elaeagnus multiflora 'Sweet Scarlet'. Plant in a location with at least 1/2 day sun. 2-3 foot size. Sweet Scarlet Dwarf was selected and named by Craig LeHoullier. Pleasantly acid when ripe, they make a very good dessert fruit though they are usually made into pies, preserves etc. Goumi berries are remarkable nutritional qualities - their lycopene content is considered the highest of any food. Notable and Uncommon Fruit Notes Goumi is a medium-sized bush growing to 6' in … The Sweet Scarlet table grape is a new variety that has deep raspberry-colored skin and pale, translucent Green. The fruit has large size and high skin color (80% to 85% bright red over yellow). Nitrogen-fixer. Some describe the flavor as similar to pie cherries, red or black currants, apples or pomegranate. Native to the Far East, this attractive 4 to 6 foot shrub bears fragrant creamy-white flowers in May followed in late June by red fruits the size of small pie cherries. Sun exposure, USDA hardiness zones, soil conditions, planting time, lifespan, blooming attributes and more. Sweet Scarlet is a yellow-fleshed semi-freestone peach with a low-acid, very sweet flavor. In recent years, its cultivation has spread west, where it is now popular in Ukrainian backyard gardens. Sweet Scarlet: Selected at the Main Botanic Garden in Kiev, Ukraine, Sweet Scarlet is prized for its large, sweet, and tasty fruit.