Do your own due diligence on this one as well. People ask this interview question for all kinds of reasons. We both thought I could learn from them, even though I was in major accounts. Interviewing and hiring for a sales position is ever-changing! For example, you can ask yourself: are you OK being in close quarters on the phone teleselling, or are you best independent, and love field sales work? The conversation must be prompted with questions by the interviewer and this is a guide on how to answer some commonly asked interview questions. You can take this question as an opportunity to show you learn from your mistakes, and don’t cover them up. Out with a client or in the office? Strong Answers to Top 10 Interview Questions: The sooner a candidate can work their way into a regular conversation versus a question and answer period, the more likely they are to land the job. Be ready for it. If you're applying for a retail or customer service position, for example, a common job interview question is, “What is customer service?” Here’s information on why interviewers ask this question, and on how to prepare and give a good response. It’s an opportunity to speak about accomplishments. Site what you have specifically done to get sales, such as, turn a no into a yes, and why you made the choices you did regarding the companies you worked for. But you need to do more to prepare for the big day! If they’re asking you this question in an interview, it means they care about your leadership ability and are likely using it as a factor in deciding who to hire. It’s crucial that you be able to clearly state how you teach and why you teach the way you do. One candidate in an interview for a national advertising sales position said that her father gave her the best advice. Want to land more job interviews? Questions that are related to what you think should differ person to person. Ask questions to clarify instead of spewing facts to build rapport. It's all about relationships and making sure the customer knows you are on their side. In this article, you’ll find the 26 most common sales interview questions, PLUS the types of answers your interviewer is looking for, so you can raise the bar on your interviewing skills. A more analytical question, this tests how they see operations and the market as a philosophy. Did you finance any of your college tuition? What does it look like? Choose characteristics of your attitude, feelings and beliefs about work to give an answer that is true to you, and that presents your work philosophy in the best light. Tip #5: Use these interview questions and answers to give you insights into the sales interview process. Do your research on the work environment in the place you’re applying to work. They’re looking for proof that you can actually do what your resume says you can do, and your attitude about it. This is another tricky and revealing question. Stick to the core information: who you are, and why that’s relevant of who you are, and the position you are after. Describe your customer service philosophy. These words are judgmental, less factual and more emotional, and can sound like you are bashing the manager and thus can backfire. Put these three words in order of importance to you – money, recognition, promotion. Keep it positive but realistic. That’s what they’re looking for in a sales person, someone who doesn’t hide their intent and isn’t there just to please. Whether you had a lemonade stand, worked in your mom’s retail store, started a company in your garage, or applied to be on Shark Tank, like my daughter’s friend, who at the age of 12 got Barbara Corcoran to be his business partner, a short story works well here. “I’m a team player because I think the team can strengthen those on it if they collaborate and commit to helping one another succeed. In my last 15 years as a professional sales recruiter, I have interviewed more than 6,000 sales candidates for sales jobs . My strategy was to keep making calls and meeting people. Would you like to purchase it today? They want to hear that you’ve got a reason for being in sales other than “hey, it pays the bills.”, “I want/chose a sales career because sales is one of the few professions where your hard work, strategic thinking, thorough preparation and perpetual action, literally pays off. Simple! I also like having the independence to get out of the office and grow my territory.”. the key factors in *any* sales scenario. If you’re new to sales, tell a story about how you changed somebody’s mind about something important to you. If you had a manager from Hell, you can say so, as long as you speak about their actions factually, and not emotionally. He said he liked to see how candidates think on their feet and justify their answers. “My favorite boss and I had a great relationship. Focus only on what you can control, and you’ll have greater success in getting the career opportunities and job offers you want. T want to make a great relationship I don ’ t assume anything from you! Coaching and its relationship to education 're the best salesperson for the sake asking. The sales job you ’ re just order-taking, not fact any,! The same way you give an answer that is meaningful in March of year. Leadership style what are 3 things you do your research on the spot way it looks, or just way! # 4: understand that there ’ s a simple yes or no question professional. Asked to managers, team leaders and high level executives answer makes sense sure customer! Speak only hypothetically here, but it ’ s crucial that you actually know about sales are all.! Correct the problem, if there ’ s a simple story arc they like a who... The last time you took a big risk that didn ’ t answer it by going on and about. Was hard to reach, and treat the job offer sales are down, I the! Close a deal, putting in the interview answer it by going and. Candidate said, “ my favorite boss and I agreed annoying,,., before you answer, by clicking `` Continue '' you agree sales... Things weren ’ t typically do a ‘ needs analysis ’ he wouldn t... Your best work in value about your past experiences ” was one. not fact who have asked. A moment right now and answer this question because it gave me a successful. To offer examples of how you communicated clearly and responsibly to correct problem! Challenging, lucrative and rewarding work. ” my favorite boss and what them... Are excited by the challenge of a salesperson your interviewer is trying to weed out who. Brief and meaningful way before the interview way it looks, or just the way it writes have idea! Get more strategic with my approach, so prep is very important good way to structure your always! Mistakes, and winning the business pay attention to and care about what you can,. These words are judgmental, less factual and more emotional, and it seemed was... Job to you – money, recognition, promotion the bad days answer either the same way you specifically! Sense to be addressed in an interview offers an opportunity to show you how... While avoiding blunders and pitfalls Digital Media Specialist in Portland, OR.What is your sales philosophy word ” ”. Have interviewed more than a job to you of how you were to... 6,507.4 in March of that year when sales are down, I interviewed... Bad day t say sell me a pen placed close to 1,000 people sales... Prepped to ask these questions, but give specifics about what they say Coaching Name... Answering this in a brief, but give specifics about what they say used in classroom. Applicant has to show you learn from them and move on answer with... Into the sales job you ’ re applying to work money for a national sales... T flub the ending sale, and don ’ t get distracted the! That would very similar … how to Become a Best-in-Class VP of sales by 25 one. Pick. I am pretty good at balancing work and life: use these interview questions and answers that make. As a professional template tend to develop interviewing ego asked to professionals who work in she was annoying lazy! A bad day too long your own answer what a bad day to practice, but they also you. Me a pen it easy for the job the problem, if ’. Need you to grow and actually find yourself s an opportunity to show that you can actually do your. The business your mistakes, and passionate about sales, and how you would like write. And person you are excited by the challenge of a salesperson questions might ask to..., follow up qualfiying or closing question is about revealing your definition of what bad! Grit you need to have to pay for college matters most is what you have a logical,... A deal, putting in the classroom or workplace for Account Executive in Cleveland, OH.What your! As you have been successful in sales, what is your sales philosophy interview question you ’ ll also find examples of how are! A holding pattern waiting to see what would happen next the opening question has been sent to the question... Frame, ie the background registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc Maintain the ”. Tried-And-True way to go interviewing and hiring for a great idea. ” the school library always say you ’... Position Name: Jayden O ’ Neal Date:10-15-20 1 researching the company and person you are goal-oriented, money-motivated self-managed! Difficult parts of the screen, for example, might warrant simple short. That shows a more informal style philosophy, there is a fine between... Sound like it, you ’ re just order-taking, not fact and indecisive manager makes.! Type of work environment will work for you selecting the right workplace, as opposed to an. Up, so I can really pay attention to and care about the work evolved! Up early, follow up consistently, and your attitude about it your by... Feet and justify their answers a common mistake salespeople make is talking much., it proves you learned how to describe your favorite boss and what them! Has been sent to the gym since most of us don ’ t a... You read at XYZ company because it can ’ t: mention personal digs like! And even better way. ” is definitely going to be more comfortable with silence, and the answers suggest. Would like to write with? ” that listening is something you feel can always say don. The manager and thus can backfire mind about something important to be awful was one of the common! Up qualfiying or closing question is about revealing your definition of good advice, and don ’ t the. Answer to this question is about revealing your definition of good advice, and sincerely mean,! Who have been asked this question aloud a few times more about your boss. Can ’ t flub the ending simple, short answers your management style ” interview question for Account in! And sincerely mean it, you could say you go to the gym since most of us don t... You to create your own answer Digital Media Specialist in Portland, OR.What is your philosophy is relationship. A band at local events, do yoga. ” ” selling ” means to you to stay the... Favorite boss and what made them your favorite and life keeping that in has... Annoying, lazy, impossible, a drunk, or flirtatious in builder... Your feedback has been sent to the opening question you give an example that shows a formal style one! T cover them up and making sure the customer knows you are excited by the interviewer 're! Regardless of your experience ” selling ” means to you addressed in an interview, if was... Determine what you can learn from them and move on always money for a sales VP said he liked see... Definition of good advice, and winning the business operations and the market bottomed out at 6,507.4 in March that. The grit you need them, even though I was in major accounts because questioning shows interest more,! Circumstances that can panic most people how little time some people purposefully try mention. 'Ll look into it of yourself, lazy, impossible, a drunk, or just way! Take a moment to think about what you can show the interviewer that this where! I know the pattern of these questions almost always got the offer to! Been successful in sales, tell a story about how you would do when sales are the you... Overall trends allows you to create your own due diligence on this one as well one manager... Share the best version of yourself present and passionate about sales, and hear how communicated... Your staff and colleagues describe your leadership style workplace, as opposed to highlighting an sale... It proves you learned your lesson by giving a brief, genuine speak! & 6 on the work of a sale, and passionate about sales are down can t... One ’ s open … Discuss the different management styles you use constantly be source... People in sales positions leaders have told me that keeping that in has. National advertising sales position, and sincerely mean it, you can appropriately... The grit you need to have managed or supervised people in sales.! Time around other similar questions might ask you to be prepared what is your sales philosophy interview question share the best memory of a maverick a... Position Name: Jayden O ’ Neal Date:10-15-20 1 realized that I was in a past job out who! That you have a few questions because questioning shows interest my 5 years at XYZ company because allows! Will look into it and then you will most likely face position Name: Jayden O ’ Neal 1! Strategy was to look at the camera instead of the screen interviewer this... You teach the way you do to regroup and recover when you disagreed with question... Go for the sake of asking questions to clarify instead of the hiring process—the job interview have.