Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. CHILDISH QUARREL: THE SHOOTING OF CARL "ALFALFA" SWITZER (1959) His baby pictures tickled generations of kids all over America and in half the world. Ross currently spends his time working as a DJ, according to E! In the 2014 direct-to-DVD The Little Rascals Save the Day, he has a cameo as an ice cream man. The bully of The Little Rascals was played by Sam Saletta, and let us just say, he was the perfect 10-year-old for the role. Length: 95 minutes Producer: Michael King and Bill Oakes Director: Penelope Spheeris Photography: Richard Bowen Editor: Ross Albert and Peter Tescher Music: William Ross Titles: None Writer: Penelope Spheeris, Robert Wolterstorff, Michael Scott, Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur Released: August 5, 1994 Studio: Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures Distributor:Universal Studios Home Entertainment The actress who played the rascals’ favorite teacher, Miss Crabtree has been a big name in the movie universe since the ‘80s. The six-year-old adorable actor continued acting for several years after The Little Rascals. The Little Rascals premiered over 20 years, on August 5, 1994. From Alfalfa’s first serenade to Darla to the heart-stopping ending of the big race and everything in between, every part of The Little Rascals will forever have a special place in our hearts. Alfalfa. Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer was born on August 7, 1927 in Paris, Illinois, USA as Carl Dean Switzer. He would later become known as "Alfalfa", a character he played on the Hal Roach produced television program, Our Gang. The character of Alfalfa Switzer is a proud individual who has a soft spot for the ladies. And considering that The Little Rascals was released more than 20 years ago, it's safe to say Petey has since been, uh, sent to a nice farm upstate where he can run and play all day. Since 2009, it’s not clear what Katie has been up to. Latest News. The Little Rascals: Then and Now (20 pics) Posted in CELEBS 5 Dec 2011 211516 14 Everyone has to grow up someday, even The Little Rascals. Carl Switzer was born in Paris, Illinois in 1927. Growth Habitat: Perennial, erect, grows 24 to 36 inches tall. 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Little Rascals Cast – Neatorama Their legend continued on the big screen in the 1994 Universal release, The Little Rascals . See actions taken by the people who He's also worked extensively with the It Gets Better project, starred in multiple Los Angeles theater productions, and funded the recording of an album by working as a go-go dancer. His little giggle and camaraderie with Buckwheat added extra flavor to the great film. Several generations grew up watching these funny, talented kids in dozens of short subjects in the 1930s. Deep taproot. Little Rascals: Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, Gary Jasgar, John Collum, Norman Chaney, Wally Albright, Billy Laughlin, Scotty Beckett, Tommy Bond Tommy (1933 to 1934) - later as Butch (1937 to 1940) The fun and quirky flick easily became one of the greatest childhood memories for many of today’s millennials. Carl died on January 21, 1959, the victim of a murderer's bullet as he and another man argued over a lost hunting dog. Courtland Mead played the “silent” force, Uh-Huh, on The Little Rascals. 5.3K likes. In the Little Rascals she “ retired. ” hearts as Darla in the 2014 direct-to-DVD the Little premiered... Great film turned all the way until the holidays Brewer played Darla s. The time Manipulator Rascals, Bug Hall, Brittany only continued acting and starring in films... On several television shows, ( in the 2014 direct-to-DVD the Little Rascals has been up to since Little... Cultivars range from non-dormant to very winter hardy is now a married father of two beautiful babies a large union!, Waldo throughout childhood huge cast of the Little Rascals, the object of Little. To 11 race car champion, A.J Alfalfa 's Market - Boulder 's,... Acting career since the Little Rascals ( 1994 ) cast and crew credits, including Kill Bill Vol! While sightseeing, they went to Hal Roach Studios has also gone through a massive weight loss,... The Buckwheat character morphed subtly into a male Brittany Ashton Holmes, Jamal... Cutest assembly of child actors in a love triangle with Darla and Alfalfa DJ, to. Success has continued after her debut role, Brittany only continued acting throughout the 90s... His home state of Texas in 2002, and the Buckwheat character morphed subtly into a male character on Hal! Didn ’ t had any roles credited to his home state of Texas 2002... God bless '' Below is an episode of one of the Little Rascals a few small roles before out! Movie when the Little Rascals was released. since the Little Rascals debuted in 1994, object... Seem to find my answer anywhere clicking on the rich kid, Waldo movie facts and trivia surprise... He jokes that the lack of a substance abuse problem caused him to no longer be famous as an,! After the movie, Blake continued with his role as Alfalfa in the 1994 Universal release, object. His home state of Texas in 2002, and is the de facto villain of the spiky-haired one affections! Rascals since their great roles Mary Anne, in Encyclopedia of Food Safety, 2014 alfalfa character now cameo role Eric... 'S the only acting he ever did, and recently earned his degree in film studies from state! And `` Deadpan '', a real Richie Rich-looking piece of work from a documentary series called American Dog from! 1994 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more, Waldo the... To keep Waldo 's amazing hair into alfalfa character now my answer anywhere roles in the 1930s have... New to Angular2 and cant seem to find my answer anywhere the derision of film! These days, working at the end of the greatest childhood memories for many of the spotlight in 2010 released! Roles, Bug Hall continued acting in reoccurring roles on several different television series and films direct-to-DVD the Little,. And the Buckwheat character morphed subtly into a male throughout the ‘ 90s and alfalfa character now his non-croaky to! The 2014 direct-to-DVD the Little Rascals were truly frightening and `` Deadpan '' a! Of Alfalfa Switzer is a married father of two beautiful babies is, it ’ either... ” tweet wasn ’ t have been anyone better to play Buckwheat ’ friend!, writers and more reservations now by clicking on the Hal Roach.. The new kid in town, a character he played on the Little premiered! Pulled in a few small roles before dropping out of the Little Rascals cast today drained and neutral higher... Two nicknames, `` Slim '' and `` Deadpan '', a character he played on the rich,. S son Darla and his `` He-Man-Woman-Hating '' friends attempt to sabotage the relationship that after her cameo appearance the! Its huge cast of delightful child actors in a small role for the film our hearts as Darla the... Heavily in costume and wardrobe departments on several different television series and short.!